Saturday, October 8, 2016

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

On a recent trip to Plattsburgh in New York state I visited a Walmart Supercenter where I noticed a Revell SnapTitle X-Wing Fighter for only $7 USD. What a deal as the same kit would sell for $20-$30 easily and would make the perfect gift for my oldest son Casey.

So today me and Casey took built the kit in about 15-20 minutes (can't remember the last time I built a model so quickly). Despite the age of 8+, I was surprised at the difficulty of how the parts would snap together. Despite this little surprise the quality of the kit was very good, lots of details and the paint was very well done. Overall as the first SnapTite kit I have built, I am impressed and Casey likes the idea of being able to play with the kit without fear of destroying it. I always like spending time with Casey to build a kit for him to enjoy.

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