Friday, January 30, 2015

Installing the Horizontal Stabalizer

Tonight I installed the horizontal stabilizer, was debating when I should attach it to the fuselage as I worry that I may damage it while handling the model but I feel now is a good tie to merge these parts together.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Parts Not Included!

I have started to learn that not all the parts are included, in this particular case the part that transitions from the wing to the body of the aircraft. The instructions state to take some cardboard such as that from a cereal box and using a template on the plan cut it out and shape it to fit the air frame. White the first bit is easy and straightforward, making it round was to say the least a challenge. While the cardboard needed to be trimmed to fit the wing, just finding the right position took a lot of time and testing. I ended up using a round piece of wood to curve the cardboard and after over an hours work got the left side done.

It looked really nice but I was discouraged as I knew I had to do the right side the next night! Well another night and another hour later I had something to be proud of.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Plastic Parts

Finished trimming and gluing the plastic parts with Gorilla Super Glue. The underbelly rear part as seen in the photo near the bottom was tricky as I did not want to touch the tissue. Later I ended up gluing overlapping tissue so that there would be no gap between the underlying tissue and the plastic. For other parts that lined up next to the wooden frame I used white glue to fill in the gaps.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Installing the Skin

Been busy over the past few weeks applying the tissue to the frame. Has been a bit of a challenge with several sections that had to be redone. Also found an error in the underbelly section that needed to be corrected as some of the parts did not align properly and was fairly tricky to correct.

Once I finished gluing the tissue to the frame with "LePage" stick glue I sprayed the model with a light mist of water. When the tissue dried it stretched and became much more rigid.